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1. All ads are subject to review and approval by Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine's Editors, Publisher, and/or Advertising Director;
2. Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine may accept or reject advertising at its sole discretion and/or request that changes are made to the advertising information or pictures/illustrations;
3. Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine does not guarantee, warrant or endorse any product, program or service advertised, unless otherwise indicated;
4. It is the sole responsibility of the advertiser to comply with all legal requirements relating to the marketing and sale of products or services advertised. By providing such advertisements to Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine, the advertiser represents and agrees that they have done so;
5. advertisements are interspersed throughout the publication and positioning is at the sole discretion of Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine;
6. In consideration of Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine acceptance of such advertisements, the agency and/or advertiser will indemnify and hold Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine, its parent companies harmless from and against any loss or expense resulting from claims and suits based in the contents or subject matter of such advertisements;


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