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Scuola Calcio Magazine


Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine is aimed and dedicated to providing first class soccer information for instructors at all levels throughout the North America and the World.

All of the articles and drills come from experienced instructors and first and foremost great educators. Successful instructors understand that goal settings helps to achieve excellence. The Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine will help you to set and review your goals and understand the importance of using them.

Before publishing any material in the Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine, we make sure that the "information" is in the best interest of the instructors, clubs and teams because we understand that it will be passed on to the most important part of our work…. the youth players!

Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine 's staff, recognizes that the service is only as good as it is provided. We hope that you enjoy reading and using the information provided in the Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine!


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