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Writer's Guidelines
Anyone wishing to submit material for publishing in side the Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine may contact the publisher.

By submitting any material to Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine, you grant Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine an irrevocable, transferable and worldwide right to use, reproduce, publicly perform and display, distribute, and sell such information, suggestions, ideas, drawings or concepts communicated without any compensation to you whatsoever.

Submitting information:

 - E-mail information and/or articles, including drills to: info@soccercoachignmagazine.com
 - Fax 1.910.795.1674

1. All information, and/or article submissions, including soccer drills must be formatted in a Microsoft Word document. Scuola Calcio Coaching Magazine will contact you if we are interested in the query and/or article you submitted;
2. Information and/or articles including drills can be attached within an e-mail message in a Microsoft Word document;
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